I am not a food driven person. I feel better when I eat healthy and, finally, there is a solution. 

    Millions of people rely on a daily multivitamin. But not all of those people are getting all of the nutrients their multi promises. You see, you can’t just create a supplement that simply contains all the nutrients you need. It has to deliver those nutrients.

    ASEA VIA® Source™ closes a wide gap in the current micronutrient niche. What’s different about it? Let’s start with it being made from whole foods.

    Whole-food sources are best because they not only contain the right nutrients, they come naturally paired with cofactors that increase absorption. An orange, for example, contains plenty of vitamin C, but it’s also rich in bioflavonoids, which help the body absorb that vitamin C. Every ingredient in VIA Source is derived from a whole-food source, cofactors and all.

    VIA Source contains a patented absorption complex called BioAmplify™, so all of the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, organic superfoods, trace minerals, and enzymes can work together to support cellular health and general wellness.

    It contains the juices of 11 different fruits rich in cell-protecting compounds. This isn’t done just for variety’s sake. Some phytonutrients, such as polyphenols from various berries, work more efficiently if there are several types present in the body at the same time.

    For more than a decade, ASEA REDOX has blessed thousands of lives and benefited the health of countless people around the world. VIA Source continues that tradition. This complete supplement contains the right nutrients and delivers them in a way that your body can use them.

    •    Supports cellular health and general nutrition

    •    Helps the body absorb and use nutrients

    •    Provides nutrient building blocks to work synergistically with ASEA REDOX

    The standard western diet lacks many key nutrients because of depleted soil and modern food processing.

    Whole-food nutrients come naturally paired with their cofactors that increase absorption. This makes whole-food based vitamins and minerals superior to synthetic forms.

    VIA Source isn’t just chemical compounds that form the right nutrients. It’s made from the whole foods that “source” the nutrients your body needs!

    How much goodness did they cram into a daily serving of VIA Source? The answer just might surprise you.



    •    LEAFY GREENS – 2 CUPS

    •    GRASS JUICES – 4 OZ.

    •    HEALTHY OILS – ½ CUP


    And while you could get all of these nutrients from these very foods (assuming they are organic and grown in nutrient-dense soil), doing so would come with quite the price tag. It would cost nearly $522 each month to purchase the proper quantity of foods that have the same nutritional value as a month supply of VIA Source. If you purchased all of the individual supplements in VIA Source, you’d pay nearly $180 each month!

    With that considered, it’s no wonder more and more people are switching to VIA Source as their choice micronutrient complex for only $55 a month! Are you ready to make the switch to whole-food nutrition at an affordable price?

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